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My name is Theresa Marks


I am a life coach with a background in counseling, mindfulness training, stress reduction and meditation.

I coach individuals dealing with many issues including:​​

  • self-care

  • self-esteem

  • stress

  • relationships

  • refeeding

  • career decisions

  • lack of motivation

  • parenting

  • life transitions

I specialize in working with teens and young adults: 

  • I help teens navigate adolescence and work through a variety of social challenges.


  • I help college students and graduates manage stress and gain clarity and peace of mind.

  • I help parents of young children create and successfully implement self-discipline strategies. I have developed a simple, easy and fun method for doing this. This is especially useful for parents with preschool aged children. It helps the parents enjoy parenting more, and helps the children enjoy their parents more.


My goal is to help you arrive at creative solutions for problems and challenges you face. I believe that “whatever we focus on expands.” Whenever we calm our nervous system and get into an optimal mental state, we make better decisions. We are more productive, and more clear minded. I have come up with a number of simple techniques to help you organize and create a better life. With my encouragement you will meet your goals, and we will both enjoy the journey! 


How I Can Help You?

Call Theresa at (808)-250-9620 for a free phone consultation!


Please call or text to set up an initial complimentary phone session


Phone: (808) 250-9620


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