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I had a great coaching experience with Theresa. It was so helpful to talk with her; clarifying my intentions and seeing what the next best thing to do now is, in order to put my desired outcome in motion. I appreciated her great questions, giving me new angles of looking at my hurdles and holding a supportive space for my process. I would recommend this experience to everyone.

Aurika S. 

Thank you, Theresa, for being there when I was going through moments of sadness, exhaustion and joy. During each call your well-researched and thought-out ideas helped me to move forward in my daily life. It's clear that you care about me and took the time to ask questions and listen to me. 

I especially like when we talk about raising a toddler. Your suggestions are very easy to implement and deliver great results. I'm excited to have you in my life and can’t wait to see what our sessions will bring next.

Eric M.

I was hesitant about getting coaching, but Theresa changed that for me. When we first spoke, my home life was a mess. I am a full-time student and father of four kids under 8; the youngest are twins. I left my job during COVID to be home with my kids as we navigated the school closures. My goal was to survive being a stay-at-home parent long enough to get the twins to school and return to the working world. Every day felt like a never-ending power struggle between myself and my children. I was waking everyone up, getting everyone dressed, and arguing over what to eat. The list of complaints was endless. Theresa helped focus me on managing my home life better to create a fun, interactive place where my kids want to do the work vs. me doing all the work for my kids.


The Star Chart worked with all my kids, but you have to stick with it. 


Theresa was always on time and never rushed me during our sessions. I felt very confident that she listened to me and offered some great direction and tools to help guide my progress. We all struggle with different things in our lives, and I couldn’t be more pleased that I was able to connect with Theresa through her coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Theresa to anyone without hesitation.  Thank you Theresa!

Kelsey M.

Theresa’s coaching changed my life. I honestly didn’t even know I needed coaching until I worked with her. I am a college student with some health challenges so I have a lot to manage. She is such a great listener and really made me feel heard and respected. She was open minded and was willing to collaborate with me and offer suggestions until we found a solution I felt was right for me. She also helped me come up with plans to reach my goals (even on days when I don’t feel 100%) and she helped me come up with a system that is finally sustainable for me! I cannot thank her enough.

Robert G.

I find Theresa’s life coaching to be extraordinary. She is calm, very on point, and keeps me focused on the core problem. Somehow Theresa gets me to come up with solutions that sometimes are incremental and sometimes are downright life changing.

Brooke G.

I am so thankful to have been connected to Theresa when I was. Being a new mom had its struggles due to a traumatic birthing experience and it was only exacerbated by an anxious and isolating pandemic. The timing of both made it a very difficult time for me. I struggled with taking care of myself.
This was the number one thing that I worked with Theresa on: Learning how to carve out very essential time for myself. She gave me invaluable resources like yoga workshops, holistic suggestions and other tools that I could apply myself in the comfort of my home and on my own schedule. What I learned above all else was how important it is as a new mom to take time to nurture yourself. Even if it's for a few minutes at a time. This approach truly helped me to scan my body more and be present with myself. It also allowed me to gradually take time just to breathe. I am so grateful for the time and outlook Theresa gave me for living a more balanced life. Thank you, Theresa.

Lisa B.

Theresa came into my life at just the right moment. I had hit a bit of a stall/plateau in staying motivated in a few areas of my life. I was a few months out of a bumpy patch and was wanting to get back to ME…doing the things that made my soul and spirit sing. But I wasn’t feeling motivated or inspired. That is when through a family member I met Theresa. We quickly connected via text then phone. We arranged a mutual time to connect each week and began a meaningful and transformative shift in my life. The strategies Theresa suggested I use to nudge me over the plateau I had reached worked quickly! My favorite: posting photos of moments in my life that brought back great memories. Although our coaching was brief, it was highly effective. She is a caring, kind and thoughtful person combined with a professional background in counseling and coaching. I am grateful for her inspiration and energy. And by the way, she still checks in on me! 

Tracy S.

Theresa’s tactics, enthusiasm, good ideas, and guidance helped me learn how to look at my career path, decide what I was looking for and tackle my new career with confidence. Her probing questions and excellent follow up provided me with the resources I needed. She's a great coach and made a huge difference in my professional outlook. I highly recommend Theresa!

Morningstar P.

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