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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaches honor and help facilitate the client's innate inner wisdom.

They believe every client is whole, resourceful and creative. 

As your coach I am merely a facilitator to help you find strength and answers within.


The coach’s responsibility is to:


  • Help clarify and work with what the client wishes to achieve

  • Encourage self-reflection and discovery

  • Help the client come up with solutions and new strategies

  • Hold the client responsible


This process is very empowering and supportive to clients, leading to optimism and growth.  


What clients can expect from our work together:


  • Identifying your core strengths

  • Coming up with new strategies, systems and ways of making positive changes

  • Gaining a more optimistic mindset

  • Hearing thought provoking questions

  • Gaining a deeper perspective about your challenges

  • Gaining self-awareness, clarity, and insight

  • Finding more balance in life

  • Creating new ways to use time well

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • Communicating with greater ease and confidence

  • Improvement in your decision making

  • The ability to deal with change better

  • Learning simple meditation techniques

  • Clarifying old patterns of behavior that are not effective

  • Looking at fears, limiting beliefs and assumptions

  • Helping you be accountable for your personal growth


Sessions are done over the phone.

Our work together includes weekly coaching, plus brief email or texting contact. 

When you sign up as my client I am in your corner, cheering you on.


Please email me for more information.


Theresa Kress Marks: M.A., A.T.R., Life Coach

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