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Best Case Scenario

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

A friend described a meditation class where the instructor asked participants to meditate on the following questions: "Where do you see yourself in one year? In two years? In five years?" Then the instructor told the group, “Whatever you thought would happen, it could be better. It could be worse. But it won’t be what you imagined!”

How often do we walk through life assuming our future?

I sometimes think of this story as I live my life, with unexpected twists and turns. Truthfully, we all know that we can’t plan much in life. All we can do is live for the present and move forward with our goals. But we must do this, fully knowing that things may, or may not go as planned or desired.

Think about your greatest fears. How easy can you imagine them? Do you go to worst case scenario? Have you heard the saying, “Worry is planning for the future?“

Sometimes it’s really hard not to worry, especially when you’re facing difficult or dangerous circumstances with bad outcomes for you or your loved ones.

What it would be like to imagine best case scenario? When you find yourself fearing a future worst-case scenario, what if you allow yourself to imagine best case scenario? Try doing this in detail, because of course, worst case scenarios are usually filled with details. It is really fun and freeing to shift the story in one's head.

Sometimes the best case scenario happens. Sometimes it’s even better than anything we could’ve dreamed up. So perhaps the moral of this story is to at least allow ourselves to entertain best case scenario. Because whatever we focus on expands, and we’ve all seen that repeatedly in our lives.

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