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  • parents dealing with challenges with children of all ages


I specialize in working with young adults: 


~I help college students and graduates manage stress and gain clarity and peace of mind.


~I help parents of young children create and successfully implement self-discipline strategies. I have developed a simple, easy and fun method for doing this. This is especially useful for parents with preschool aged children. It helps the parents enjoy parenting more, and helps the children enjoy their parents more.


My goal is to help you arrive at creative solutions for problems and challenges you face. I believe that “whatever we focus on expands.” Whenever we calm our nervous system and get into an optimal mental state, we make better decisions. We are more productive, and more clear minded. I have come up with a number of simple techniques to help you organize and create a better life. With my encouragement you will meet your goals, and we will both enjoy the journey! 

  • 1 hr

    70 US dollars
  • Book 4 sessions and save, you can spread them out as you wish.

    1 hr 30 min

    120 US dollars

Robert G.

I find Theresa’s life coaching to be extraordinary. She is calm, very on point, and keeps me focused on the core problem. Somehow Theresa gets me to come up with solutions that sometimes are incremental and sometimes are downright life changing.

Kelsey M

Theresa’s coaching changed my life. I honestly didn’t even know I needed coaching until I worked with her. I am a college student with some health challenges so I have a lot to manage. She is such a great listener and really made me feel heard and respected. She was open minded and was willing to collaborate with me and offer suggestions until we found a solution I felt was right for me. She also helped me come up with plans to reach my goals (even on days when I don’t feel 100%) and she helped me come up with a system that is finally sustainable for me! I cannot thank her enough.

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