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Be Like Mary Sue

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Postal workers often get a bad rap for being grumpy and irritable. In my town, postal workers are quite pleasant. In fact, when my kids were young a woman who worked in our post office was so sweet, that after some time I would actually let people go ahead of me so I could get in her line. Mary Sue was a smiling, middle-aged woman with curly hair and twinkling eyes. She called every single person “honey” regardless of age. She would always ask how we were doing and seemed to genuinely care and love people. This wasn't only her work persona. One time I saw her after hours in a parking lot. Two little girls were walking in front of her with their mother and Mary Sue started talking to them, calling them sweetheart, complementing their dresses. Her true nature was to be loving and positive.

As the years passed I started to get to know her better. She would ask about my family and talk about her family. Those brief interactions always left me feeling so positive and cheerful. I told my kids how much I liked her. They would secretly smile at me when we were called by her, waiting in the line. One day close to Christmas I was mailing some packages and I decided to tell Mary Sue how much I appreciated her good nature. I asked her what her secret was. She replied humbly, "Why not be kind to people? I have a good life. I love my family. I have a good job and great co-workers!" We started talking about Christmas and I mentioned that my grandmother’s birthday was on Christmas Day. She said that she was also born on Christmas Day and I said to her, “No wonder you’re so special.“

I told my kids, “Be like her. Spread joy and kindness and positivity into the world. It’s so simple and yet so powerful.”

I was sad to hear it when she retired, but I am certain she is still out there spreading smiles to everyone she meets.

If we could all be more like Mary Sue imagine what the world would be like!

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