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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Courage is a very important personal quality for all of us, especially now. Courage is saying to life, “Come what may, I will move forward." Courage cannot be taught or forced. We develop it through life experience. 

Think about times when you’ve had to face adversity or do things you were afraid of. Think about people you feared that you had to stand up to. 

Where do you get your strength from? How do you find the ability to face difficulties?

Courage is mental strength. We often doubt we have it, but when we are faced with difficulty, especially in situations we have never been in before, we find we have more strength than we realized. Look at all of the people working in hospitals to save lives of those affected by the coronavirus, risking their lives just to go to work. You might be one of them!

How do we develop mental strength? This takes a proper attitude. It also takes different life experiences, humility, time, patience, and a commitment to be very brave. 

When we calm our minds we can find much needed inner strength. This strength comes from wisdom and perspective. We spend so much energy concerning ourselves with useless thoughts, things, and experiences. True wisdom is knowing what to concern ourselves with, and what to let go of. This is a day-to-day, sometimes moment-to-moment experience. When our minds are more free and peaceful we can access courage more easily.

There are times in life when we have to look fear in the eye. When we do, we often see there’s nothing to truly fear. People can tell us this, but it doesn’t really matter until we understand it and see it for ourselves.

So don’t be afraid. Be bold and strong and move forward. Help each other out and get the support you need to be brave. 

You’re all very strong. Just believe in yourselves and you’ll be amazed at how how far your lives take you.

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