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Finding Our Freedom

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The U.S. will have a new president. No matter what side we are on, may we treat others with decency, respect and kindness. May we stay level headed. Even as storms are raging around us, how do we get to the eye of the hurricane?

Many people are rejoicing now, and many are very unhappy. Plus the entire world is exhausted from pandemic fatigue. Life fatigue. Everything fatigue. We are dealing with so much individually, plus what is happening outside of us. But still we must soldier on. How do we do this and maintain mental equanimity?

I wrote a blog post after the 2016 election as a message to my children. It is apropos today:

Our attitudes effect everything and each other. Fear, anxiety and panic are not going to help anyone. Don’t feed off of it. Focus your attention right now on what you love, what you think good is, what you value and hold dear. Have that be in the forefront of your mind daily.

Never ask any one thing or person to be everything you need them to be. That’s like saying, “You need to be exactly what I need you to be, before I can feel okay!”

Try to appreciate qualities of the people on both sides of the ideas and concerns you are debating.

Love all beings. This is your true nature and if you express hate towards people, you are out of alignment with your true nature.

Don’t get caught up in things you can’t control. Control what you can control -- where you focus your attention, how you spend your time, the friends you choose, your personal priorities. Focus on what is good and right and beautiful in the world. There is plenty of it.

Never doubt that there is goodness always available to you, flowing in a constant stream. I trust that we are all in very good hands, and we are part of an evolutionary process as humans, on this planet, at this time. Remember the miracles we have all experienced and seen. Remember that all human lives are filled with miracles.

Decide what you are for! Are you for kindness, compassion, acceptance of differences, helping those in need, equal rights for all? Are you for taking the high road, having class? And how about manners? :) Are you for being levelheaded, generous, unselfish, having good boundaries, and being open to all sorts of people? Are you learning new things every day? Do you value beginners mind? Because we are all learning, all growing, and all evolving.

Never forget to be an advocate of your own well-being and others well-being. So let your lights shine my dear children. They are bright and beautiful and incredible.

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