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How I Work

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

When I coach people I do a lot of listening. I ask a lot of questions. When clients talk to me I immediately find myself feeling empathy for their situation. As they talk, and they reflect on my questions, we slow things down. From this state of mind they can reflect on their goals. They realize how they might be stuck. Oftentimes new ideas dawn on people that help them look at a challenge with fresh eyes. In a coaching session I also come up with ideas. I will ask my client if my idea makes sense to them. Sometimes it does, and together we come up with a new way of looking at an old problem. These are the moments where the magic happens in coaching. I am a highly intuitive person naturally and so I help my clients learn how to tap into their intuition as well.

I spend at least an hour every morning in meditation and prayer. So much of my focus in my life as well as my work, is on being present, peaceful and mindful. My regular meditation practice has changed me deeply. I’ve gone from being more high strung to a more mellow, calm and thoughtful person. People who have known me for many years have noticed a big change since I started my meditation practice nine years ago. We know from neuroscience that new habits can change us - our personality, our brain chemistry, and thus the experiences around us and ultimately our own lives. I feel honored to help people sort out how they are stuck and how they can move forward in their lives. I genuinely care about helping people overcome obstacles. My philosophy as a life coach is “Let’s create the life you dream of.”

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