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I have been thinking about how mindset, positive or negative, has profound influence on our lives. After so much collective stress, how do we regroup and find a more positive outlook?

A few things are helping my clients.

The first is changing environment, getting a break from routine. Try taking a few hour "holiday," doing something to occupy and inspire your mind. Like a long dinner with friends or a relaxing hike in nature. The key is to get away from your daily routine. If possible, try an entire day outing, morning til night. Or if you can, take a relaxing vacation somewhere beautiful. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant to help your mindset. But whether it’s a few hours or weeks away, you can return with a fresh perspective.

Being open and optimistic helps mindset. Try looking for good things to come your way before they have even happened. Walk around focusing on gratitude for the little (and big) things. You will see that things just start working out. Positivity seems to beget positivity. Some people call this “being in the flow.” So be aware of the direction your thoughts are flowing!

A wise woman once gave my friend very good advice. “Be very careful of the company you keep.” My friend had been spending time with a negative minded person in an attempt to help. The wise woman could see the effect on my friends' mentality. So spend time with people who lift you up. Avoid those who bring you down. The people we surround ourselves with greatly effect our mindset.

Generosity helps mindset. Give to others. Be the sun rays in someone’s day. Don’t expect anything in return. You may be pleasantly surprised. I recently started a personal challenge of doing one good deed a day, usually to a stranger. I truly benefit from this.

Finally, when you think of the future don’t catastrophize. Instead deal with what you can. Avoid wasting precious time worrying. Usually the worst case scenario doesn't come to fruition. Try these tactics for a week and see how they affect your mindset.

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