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On Human Connection

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Many people feel connected to humanity as a whole, and that we are all brothers and sisters. Some people feel other’s pain more than others. These people tend to think that what we do will affect others, even in places far from us. However, some people don’t feel connected to their fellow humans. It’s understandable. One could argue that many things about humans aren't worth connecting with! Regardless of how we feel, we know from quantum mechanics that we are all truly connected. This understanding has come from studying particles at a sub-atomic level. We know from quantum physics that so called “entangled” particles are connected even when separated by enormous distances. Actions that happen to one particle affect the other, even when they are separated by massive distance. The metaphor for humans as a whole is undeniable.  With this world outbreak of a novel coronavirus the last couple weeks have been increasingly sobering, frightening and sad for all of humanity. As we watch the news, day after day, reporting more cases of this virus spreading, we feel vulnerable. We feel horrible for those who have died, for those who are quarantined, and those who are sick. We feel bad for the families of those affected. It’s a very poignant time for the human family.  Personally, it makes me feel more connected to everyone on our planet, and more than ever determined to do what I can with my life to give something to this world. Maybe there’s a way we can help together?

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