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Going Inward and the Value of Stillness

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Now is an opportunity to harness inner strength and gain control over our minds. Let's try to only focus on what we can control.  

There are ways to gain some inner peace, even in this chaos we are all experiencing.  

~ Start here: Take a look at your self-care. Examine your daily routine and sleep. Try having regular meals with healthy, nourishing food, getting daily exercise, getting fresh air. 

~ Then try this: Every morning try to remind yourself what you're grateful for. You could even say it out loud, or write it down. Try to expand the list every day. For example, for teens, it could be anything from “the sun is out,” to “my sneakers are really comfortable,” to “I have a good family.” Research shows that focusing on gratitude and positive thoughts daily literally changes our brain chemistry and helps us feel less anxious and less depressed. This goes for all of us.

~ Advance to here: Daily relaxation like yoga, gardening, walking, hiking, prayer or meditation. You can even meditate while walking or hiking, or gardening or doing yoga, or practicing guitar. I can show you some fun ways to approach “stillness” even while in motion.   

Let me know if you want help with any or all of these three steps. I have a “Star Chart” method that is fun to play, and might help those who like drawing stars when they’re being good to themselves! More on that soon. But of course, I can also get serious, and hear anything you have to say — anxious thoughts, fears, hopes. I’m here for you all. I’m here to help make your life feel more in control, and move in the direction you want it to go. 

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