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Most of us around the world have been in social isolation for one to two months now. This has taken a toll on people in different ways depending on life circumstances. Most people are facing new challenges and it’s hard not to worry or be seriously stressed. I do understand. However, I have always thought it helps to accept what comes and try to make the best of it. We never know what good will come to us, even in difficult times.  

This is my personal recipe for optimism, each and every day:

~Focus on what’s working. 

~Focus on your blessings. Be grateful.

~Do what you can to solve the problems you have. 

~Do what you can to give love, kindness, and positivity, to yourself, and others. 

~Surrender what you cannot handle to whatever higher power you believe in. And if you don’t believe in a higher power, that’s fine. But still surrender it!

~Remember that all human lives have ups and downs. That is the duality we all must accept and live with. 

~Lean on friends and family. 

~"Keep the faith" in the goodness of people.


As a coach I can help you focus on what’s working.

I can help you focus on what you want your life to become in the future, and how to get there.  I can help you solve problems that are solvable, so you can live the life you want for yourself.

And with each success I help you achieve, I can also try to help you surrender. Because the more you surrender the unsolvable things, and consciously let them go, the more you can let good fortune, joy and optimism fill that void, and become a permanent part of your life! 

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