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What we Feed our Children

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Parents are overworked right now, beyond what their normal responsibilities have been. The social isolation that is required has put stress on everyone’s lives. Despite this, most people feel the isolation is necessary and important. Parents face a particular struggle with their children at home all day long, trying to school them. We all have to dig down deep inside of ourselves to find strength, perseverance and patience through this difficult time. 

Parents, your children are hungry. Please choose what you feed them wisely. Of course healthy food is important. However children are not just fed with food. 

Equally important are the other things we feed our children. These include messages, attitudes, stories we tell, perspectives, family dynamics and values. These also include our tone of voice, choice of language, and vibe. So feed your children well. You are molding your children with what movies or shows you allow them to watch. You are molding your children by the stories you read to them at night, and the lyrics of the music they listen to. You are molding your children by the way you act and speak around them, how you treat them and others, and people they are exposed to. Have you noticed that you can mold your children with your thoughts? They are sponges, and can easily absorb what is around them.

So fill them with nourishment now, while they are home and with you all day long. Your conscious words, actions, and pure intentions will nourish your children. Your loving and optimistic thoughts will help them. Your patience and calm presence will pay off. And when they are young adults, this thoughtful, focused, hard work that you have put in will surely bear fruit.

And parents, please make time for self care. Because you deserve it! Children are watching and learning from their parents' lifestyles. Also, we must all be realistic about what we can do in a given day until we get thorough this pandemic. In time it will pass.

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