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What a Life Coach Can Do For You

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

After a career in therapy, I am embarking on a career in life coaching. Therapy is about consulting an expert, and seeking their help to get at the root of problems. Coaching is a co-creative relationship where there is no expert, only two people having a conversation that moves the client toward goals they wish to achieve. Many of our challenges can get cleared up by focusing on the here and now, and how we are living our lives.

Why might you need a life coach?

We all need clarity. When we can discuss issues with someone with an objective, sensitive, listening ear, we arrive at more clarity to make positive changes in our life. A life coach helps us get clear.

We all need optimism. Optimism is the light inside of all of us. It can change our moods, motivate us, give us confidence. Optimism keeps us happier. Optimism makes us more optimistic. Even in the darkest times, we can almost always find something to feel positive about. A life coach can remind us to believe in ourselves.

But we also need self discipline. We usually know what we need to do to reach our goals, but we often fall short and don't achieve them. Sometimes it helps to have someone holding us accountable beyond ourselves, tracking our progress with us. A good coach helps motivate us to become more self-disciplined.

A great life coach helps you become the person you wish to be, by helping you overcome your challenges and expand beyond your limitations.

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