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You Turn

Have you ever been driving on a long highway and realize you’re going the wrong way, with no opportunity to safely turn around for miles? You may become angry with yourself, but in time you come to a place to legally turn around, and you are so relieved. You may have lost an hour driving the wrong way, but eventually, you get on the right road and go in the right direction.

Sometimes life is like that. How many times do we make decisions and get mired in the details and outcomes, without realizing that we are going down the wrong road? The thing I love about the idea of a life U-turn is that it’s a "you turn." You make the turn. You make the change.

Maybe it’s time for a U-turn in your life. Sometimes it is difficult and requires a lot of courage. Sometimes it’s straightforward. Would you like to turn away from a bad decision? Would you like to turn away from negative thinking? How about unhealthy or self-destructive behavior? Or complacency? Are you feeling stuck in any way?

In my work as a life coach, sometimes the changes my clients make are slow and subtle. And sometimes the changes are abrupt. Sometimes by making a life U-Turn, even in one week a person can move in a much better direction and become more peaceful, productive and happier.

Think about your day-to-day experiences right now. Are there any areas in your life where you would be benefited by making a U-turn?

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